About Us

Our Story

We are committed to being at the forefront of property management in Uganda, by protecting your property and helping you to maximize profit; giving you a great deal of peace of mind knowing that your property is profiting as required.

  • Professional and legal Specialists.
  • Brilliant innovative Ideas .
  • Perform regular maintenance.
  • 24/7 Assiatance

What We Offer

Tenant management does not have to be a pain for you as a developer,

Evaluation Of Your Property

Committed to Excellence: We will provide a professional evaluation of your property, offer advice and suggestions in order to maximize the revenue obtained for your investment property

Leasing & Rent Collection

Exceeding Expectations: We will find the perfect tenant for you by using enhanced screening containing criminal records, credit score and file, social media accounts, employment verification and we will collect the rent on your behalf

Maintaining Your Property

Personalized Approach: We will visit your property periodically on a fixed schedule and complete a visual check to ensure everything is in proper order, perform regular maintenance, as needed.

We provide a fresh and friendly approach to the property management outlook. Our aim is to provide the best knowledge and customer service in helping you with all your property needs. With 4 years experience we successfully manage a variety of units and portfolios in Uganda.

Our Expert Team

We’re Always Here for You

At Pryamid Housing, we believe in providing superior service to all. We believe it is so important to have strong values through which we channel our work. 

Our clients appreciate our outstanding Customer Service, Effective Evaluation, Leasing & Screening and Excellent Tenant Communication as these values help us stay competitive, fresh, and strong.